Has anyone done business with him lately? I had talked to him on the phone early this summer about buying an HMF exhaust system and PC III and he told me to give him a call when I was ready. He doesn't advertise here anymore, nor have I seen any recent posts. Also, his company website is dead....

I have a feeling that I'll be ordering directly from tne HMF site...
IDk, I havent seen him posting but didnt think a whole lot about it. Those arent good signs tho...
His phone number is still alive but he has not answered multiple messages I left him. He didn't do me wrong I was trying to do more business with him.

I suspect he has succumbed to the economy.
i thought i remember reading something ...not positive if it was goldenchild
Ape, we're a HMF dealer if you need help with one of those & can't get a response from Daniel.

I can get the power commanders but we're not that competitive on price against the internet-discounters. Have done group buys from them before but my dealer cost is what you can buy them for on the internet.
Not a good sign indeed.I have pm Golden child before,he answers them promptly.
Thx Pashnit, I sent you several pm's re: price on the exhaust, but didn't hear back....let me know something.
It would sadden me if Daniel did succomb to the economy. He is a great guy and was always a pleasure to do business with.

It's not easy out there right now. Daniel, if you read this...I hope all is well with you & your fam.
11/22/10 I just communicated with Daniel today on a lower cowling I bought from him. Should ship out to me this friday. BTW His websight is up and still has a link to this websight. A few weeks ago he was finishing up a customers bike. I find sendng him an E-mail works better than a phone call.