Deals Gap pics


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here are da' pics I took..  Paistes5, and TNJ also took pics.. I'm not sure if they will put them here or not though.

My 01 blue/silver before it's very first trip thru the gap.
(note the shiny new helmet! )

I spy with my little eye... TNJ spying with his own little eye.

This little KTM was flying thru the gap.. passed all 4 of us unfortunatly...  we talked to him later and he lives near the gap.. so it's not quite as bad as it sounds.

more later...
So you were playing in the KTM's backyard... Nice pics!!
Nice pictures Bryan, I will try to post some later in the week, haven't finished roll yet. Paistes 5 was going to post pics last Sat night, hope he made it home ok.
I ran into some technical difficulties with my digital camera. As soon as I get it straightened out, I'll post my pics. Had a great time fellas.
Nice pics! That is the SAME KTM as I own. Yeah, it is very flickable, even with knobbies, I was amazed as well as the cars I blew past in the twisties outside of Yosemite. Fun bike!
Great pics!! We will have to get the So Cal guys together for a ride!

Marc "Howlin Mad"