The deal's gap report.....


I just spoke with a reputable local who has informed me that the Gap is being repaved!!!! Woo hoo!!! The TN side is being paved anyway... N.C. has all but publicly announced that they will thwart motorcycles through the gap in any way that they can (the unfinished section has been unfinished for how many years now?).  This means that the rest of the summer may not be a great option... paving equipment, slick surface...sand.....etc.

I'm not sure of the exact schedule, and I will post it as soon as I hear.... this means next spring will be awesome.... cured pavement... nice and smooth.... I'm buying knee/toe sliders in bulk.  

If you do go to the Gap, watch out along the Cherohola Skyway and the Foothills parkway... the cops have been very busy saving us from ourselves... in the form of mondo big tickets and trust me... they don't want to hear excuses these are not the good kind of cop... big attitudes... big problem with bikes.  And if you find yourself on the NC side of things and think that running is an option (almost always one in the Gap....) they have a nice Helocopter that's probably over you too.....

Hopefully more info to follow.... have a great weekend!
Thanks for the info I'm trying to setup a ride there
hmmmm thanks i was planning a trip there in june and july. Maybe i'll just hang out on the Blue Ridge and Cherahola Parkways. Could always go lose some money in cheerokee though
good info Gaprider,
Im planing on being in that area in the first week of July, If you get any news, please post it. Thanks.

Update: The paving is going on now, but it's not too bad (as far as paving goes). They are supposed to be finished on the 18th - but they said they will curtail any paving during the Honda Hoot (which starts the 19th).

If you do go, the cops have been ESPECIALLY heavy around the lake, so save your wrist for the gap. Or run up there during the week.