Dammit...new parts suck!


Ok...I just had my new triple clamp and Hyperpro steering damper installed, and I'm not happy. First off, I bought the triple clamp so that I had the ability to lower the front end...second, I bought the damper for of course, safety. I have them installed, and the damn arm on the damper blocks the fork movement above the triple clamp, rendering it unable to lower the front end. On top of that, the damper arm is set up to not only NOT let me lock the front wheel when I turn the key off! What next? I'm going to see about having a new arm machined out of biillet aluminum that will give the right fork the space it needs to allow lowering, but what about the wheel lock option? Any opinions? HELP!!!!
I don't have any suggestions, but I am interested in what you paid for the hyperpro and what you think of it (other than the obvious problem)... I heard they are top-notch. I have been considering an Ohlins or the Hyperpro...
I just saw that Hyperpro one. Get rid of it. Buy the Ohlins that goes in place of the stock. It will suck to adjust, but you won't any more problems. I know I saw another alternative. Oh Yeah, check out the Scott's dampner. All my race and trick riding buddys have them and say they are awesome.
The Hyperpro works as a damper just fine...I paid $360 for it from OrientExpress.com...Scotts damper you have to replace the triple clamp and buy do modifications to your clip-ons as well as other mods...the damn thing ends up costing around $800 total from what I was told by a few guys who have had them. The Ohlins, well, it was like $500 and I was on a budget. If anyone has some recomendations for my actual problem let me know!
Are you able to mount it in the stock position like this olin is mounted?

The cheapest I found an Ohlins for is $650...I dont know where you found one for $350, but you need to buy a dozen and sell them for a profit! I adjusted the seating of the damper in the bracket and now movement is perfect. I still have to have a new billet aluminum control arm made to clear the right fork, but it's only gonna run about $50. I'm happy!