Dadofthree Went Down


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Hello im getting this info from Facebook, and coping and post it here.

Hey everyone! I am Kim, Robert's sister. Just wanted to let everyone know I don't have a great bike pic
, and Robert is ok, and injured. Thanks for your prayers for his recovery and care. I'll let Robert share when he is out of hospital. Many miracles this day and so thankful for the Green's watching over him until I arrived!

Next update,
Miracle 1: the accident occurred 30 minutes from my house in Spartanburg,SC. He was airlifted, 5 minutes travel time and trauma team was waiting for him. Miracle 2. Trauma wasn't packed and stacked. Miracle 3, in Robert's very amazing way, at this moment, there doesn't appear to be life threatening injuries. Just broken things,ie, bones. Pray for speedy, full, miraculous recovery. Kim, sister.

And this morning's info,
Good morning! Just a quick update. Robert is resting and waiting on doctors this morning. He is in Spartanburg Regional Medical Center, in my hometown. Thanks for all the prayers for a complete recovery with no recurring issues from injuries.

All info is being posted on Facebook thru Robert's sister Kim

Hope for a fast and full recovery, Robert. Prayers sent


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Never good news to hear about a fellow rider and someone so many here know and have ridden with over the years. Thinking of you Robert!! Hoping for a very speedy and full recovery!!


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Wow, he has been riding many years and now this!!

Hope for a speedy recovery, please post up if anyone gets more details.


ok, ok...just a wee bit Irish...
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From Naomi, that is visiting him,,
I just got here a few minutes ago. He is pretty banged up but he's alive. He's hurting in his shoulder
He has a broken scapula and broken toe. 3 broken ribs and severe road rash covering his belly. He also has some bleeding on the brain.

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