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I have been riding since I was 12 I'm 37 now and have never been down b4 and last night it happen. I was leaving a bunch friends we had been boating and jet skiing when it happened. I made a slow turn at bout 15 mph I got into some loose gravel and the ass end come out from underneath me and I hit the ground I always wear my gear and I had gloves and my lid and icon field armor my left hand is either broke or something isn't right and right arm has some road rash not real bad but some none the less and the bike just small stuff on the right side fairing. The rear tire is kind of slick and I was trying to get as much as I could out of it but I'm goin today to have a new one put on and my helmet took little damage thank GOD nothing major X11 rules

right arm.jpg

right arm1.jpg

right arm2.jpg


bike 1.jpg

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glad it was not faster... what jacket did you have on? that is a pretty poor showing for it.. 15mph should have been a "dust off the dirt" spill for your body.. (that is going to sting for a bit..)

You were probably tired and fatigued from the day on the water... (maybe a brew or two?) :) miss my lake days..


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other then the modified stock can everything is fixable, you may be able to polish the can and remove the scratches....the plastic is def fixable


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glad your ok, but you got rashed up like that wearing your gear??? or did you not have a jacket on???


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Glad to see that you are doing ok , Hope you heal up quick .
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no jacket hot as hell in houston I cn the devil drinking gatorade thats how hot it is I had on icon field armor vest but just shirt and gloves and lid no boots and Im on meds so no drinking Im not much of drinker anyway just late


It always happens at a low speed.:whistle:

You will heal but the bike is always the problem....

Fix it and move on otherwise the fall will haunt you???


sorry for your fall. i feel for you and your bike!

in the past i went down once from a wet spot i couldn't avoid on a banked freeway on-ramp, and once from an oil spot in the right turn lane as i rounded the corner.

i am pretty sure that the constant is that the asphalt hurts...

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This is Lamb not commenting on the "gear" you have on.:whistle:

Sorry about the get off. Thanks for the pics! and the reminder to ATGATT!


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glad you came out of that with little damage to you and your bike.:thumbsup:

What's up with the '05 red/black and their bad luck these days????

Me and mine went down 4 weeks ago.:poke:


glad to hear ur ok.

he said he was wearing icon field armor.

i hope this experience has made u rethink ur choice of "jackets" atleast get a textile jacket. u can get them for under $100.


glad to hear ur ok.

he said he was wearing icon field armor.

i hope this experience has made u rethink ur choice of "jackets" atleast get a textile jacket. u can get them for under $100.

Lately there has been a few peeps here in town showing up to bike events/rides with these vests on as their only protection. They used to wear riding jackets, but they say it is too hot to wear one. I tell them if it's too hot to wear a riding jacket, then it's too hot to ride! When I had my spill I did'nt get a scratch on me, I was wearing my leather POWER TRIP jacket. I admit I was wearing jeans but thankfully they handled the fall well! The cooling vest under the jacket works for me too, but often times I don't even wear it and it still isn't that bad!

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