Hello all.....I live in Denver and my girlfriend and I am planning to ride up to copper on Sunday morning Are any of you guys gona be going up? It would be nice to meet a few of you guys and take a ride.
Big Wall and I are heading up Saturday morning. A couple other members talked about going but it didn't work out for them. If you want to head up saturday too let me know we would be glad to have ya.
I am not planning on staying Saturday night and I have a baseball game on Sunday so I can't go that day.
I wish, I work monday through Friday but am free on weekends, was it you who said your girlfriend rides a CBR600? My girlfriend doesn't ride her own but she likes coming along.
Yup shes got my old 2002 F4i mabee some sunday we could all take off for a day and hit the hills, I go to college 6 days a week and work 3 nights a week so sunday is my only day off. Shoot me an e-mail.
I'm coming from the other direction, Telluride, on Sunday morning but could be game to do one of the rides from there with you.