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Hey folks, I am thinking of riding my bike to Colorado for a business trip in Denver, and mix in some fun as well. I would be leaving Vegas on Friday August 15th. Figured I would ride to Moab, or Durango, or... somewhere scenic the first day, then head in to Denver on Saturday or Sunday... Got work to do Monday-Wednesday (maybe Thursday), then figured I would head to that CycleFest thing at Copper on Saturday...

Looking for some ideas on routing from Vegas to Denver that would be interesting, scenic, etc. I have done the I-70 thing many times and would prefer something different. Same with the routing home.


Doc, Moab is a cool place to ride through. I know the highway between Moab and I-70 is a fun route since it runs along the colorado river. But that would lead you back to I-70. I will pull out the maps and take a look at what I can find you. I think if you come through Durango you can get to gunnison and make your way to Denver by going down 285. I will let you know.
Ok I got the route. I will let you figure out how to get to Durango. You take 550 north out of Durango to Montrose. Then take Highway 50 going east thrugh Gunnison and on to Poncha Springs which will lead you to Highway 24/285 which you take north. The turn off onto 285 is a few miles south of Buena Vista, you will see a big truck stop and a prison where 24 separates from 285, veer off to the right. Take 285 the rest of the way and it will dump you out onto C470 on the west side of Denver. You can go north or south from there depending on where in Denver you are going. Let me know if you need some directions of the best ways to get around Denver. I am heading up to cycle fest on Saturday with Big Wall and whoever else shows up.
Drove to denver from oklahoma city a few years ago...heck the whole ride was fun... The only problem was there were places in the middle of nowhere where i felt like every bug for miles was attracted to my headlight -- Enjoy the ride
Thanks guys. I am not sure I can make the Durango route on the way there, maybe on the way back.

According to my map software, it would be 550 miles to Durango from Vegas. No way I could make that in 1/2 day of riding on Friday. I am thinking of hitting that on the way back perhaps...? Fun no matter how you stack it.

You guys going to the Copper Mountain deal?
Sounds a little too long for one day. On the way home you can take Highway 91 out of Copper Mountain south which will take you to 24 to Poncha springs and then on to Durango the opposite way I gave you directions for. That is a very scenic route too.

I am going to Copper Mountain, not sure about others but I am going to be there.
I am definately going up to Cyclefest.


Did you decide to get a hotel? Let me know where if you did. I've been thinking it would be an awfully long day if I rode home late Saturday.
Well, before I can commit to even riding to Denver at all, I gotsta get a new chain and sprockets installed. I am going to start tearing down tonight. MUST be done by Thursday or i'm hopping a jet. I would love to ride, but my rig is not ready at the moment.

If I do ride, I intend to arrive in Denver on Saturday or Sunday, roll out a week later.

I am hoping to ride, we'll see how it goes.

Big wall, I haven't decided yet but it doesn't sound like a bad idea. I will probably know more tomorrow, I am going to check on hotels around Frisco and see if anything is still open and whether they are jacking up the prices or not.

Doc, Hope you can ride out, won't be much fun riding up to Cyclefest on the back of Big Wall's Busa
Hey guys, it looks like I am in! Just checked with the Fed's (who are paying for this trip) and they said I could take my personal vehicle instead of the flight. My boss also cleared it. So now, it is in my hands to get the new chain, oil, sprockets put on by Thursday night. Honestly, I can not ride the '01 that far without those issues resolved! I think I am going to do this... yeeeee haaaa, this is going to be a LONG-ASSS ride!

Two Kuuuuuehl!


Thanks VA! I am putting some serious mileage on by '01! Gotta get that Turbo up and running and spread the miles out some...

Good to hear Doc, give me a call if you want to go riding, I am pretty booked on Sunday but the rest of the week is free.
Well folks, looks like I am not going to bring the bike
. I had major problems at work followed by problems getting the chain on the bike. So, I am just going to fly to Denver... thinking of renting a bike there though... any got some info on this?