cost + 10%


can't promise anyting but to those of you that I like, I would not be opposed to buying you things as long as it was not outrageous. Wish lists are welcomed here.
He's going to buy us all presents.
I think kerb works in the industry and is offering a discount to us squids, so be nice.
um.........I hate to ask but how about some Giles golden adjustable rearsets with carbon fiber heal plates......
Glad I don't have to pay as much at my local Suzi dealer as Kerb has to pay. He does have me beat on Oakley's, cause my dealer don't handle them, but I don't buy them either as I wear Arnette's (due to my name being the same). But, I get my labor cheaper. Nice to have friends!
you all know my email address. so let me know what you are SERIOUSLY interested in and I will try my darndest to help. I am looking into drop shipping so you wont have to pay for shipping to tucson then again to wherever you reside.