Nfl In Nevada?


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Can the football attending populace in Vegas (and the surrounding area..hehe) actually support a major league sports team? The entire state has only three million people and Vegas alone just 700,000 or so. The surrounding (counties) near Oakland have seven (million) people and California has about forty million. The cost of a new stadium these days is outrageously high, as are ticket prices, parking, merchandise, food and beverages. I just can't see how such a small venue (Vegas) even with fly in spectators, would be able to financially support an NFL team. How many home games can there be?:)


Already have a NHL hockey team in the works and the NFL is a thousand times more popular than that sport. So if they believe there's a market for a hockey team to succeed then a football team should make money hand over fist


I think Green Bay is a pretty small area compared to most NFL cities but could be wrong. Depends on demand I guess,NFL is Americas sport now.


Vegas is atypical to most cities in that the resident population is relatively small in relation to all the tourists who would fly in (or drive/ride) for a game. Make a weekend of it maybe. They love to stick it to fight crowds and Nascar crowds. Just not sure if it would fly for 8+ games a year.


Lived there for ten years, and the thing that non residents don't realize is how sports crazy that city is. Most of the locals are transplants so the visiting teams would draw fairly well. Not to mention the influx of money from the casinos, which is typically spent on entertaining their patrons and they aren't shy with the checkbook. It's an unusual situation to be sure, but if I were a betting man, I'd say it'd do better than in a more traditional city of similar size.
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