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Well guys most of you know that I might have a Busa but I seldom get to ride anymore with the family and all, but tonight was different. My wife told me to take some time and go ride, I went to downtown OKC where all the bikes meet up, visited and told a few stories. On my way home a new Vette convertible with a guy and his woman pulled along side me and the driver was wanted to race, he kept rompin on the gas, he would take off then slow down and do it again. On the 3rd time I had enough (this is not like me at all by the way) I laid on the tank, dropped a gear and hammered the busa. I left the vette and I did not let off the gas until we both new there was no way he was going to catch up. I slowed and I couldnt believe it he did it again.... This time I was all over it, I would take off , let him catch up, and then go again..... His girlfriend or wife or whatever she was was laughing and he was not.. The vette still had the paper tag... I read your post all the time about having fun on the highway and playing with cars and I finally got someone to take the chance. I need to get out more huh !  




Cap, so your finialy gettin out and playin with others?? How great is that. and to top it off your handin vettes there arses on a siliver platter. GOOD FOR YOU. Its good to hear you unpluged yourself for a ride.

Enjoy and do it more often.



Captain, being a Corvette Z06 owner as well as a Hayabusa owner, I know the performance specs for both Corvettes and Hayabusas.

Your adversary, since he had a convertible, had only the base 350hp LS1 engine. The hotter LS6 engine, 405 hp, is available only in the Z06, which comes ONLY as a a hardtop (not even as a fastback coupe).

The convertible is also heavier (3200 lb) than the Z06 (3050 lb), so with him and the girl, he had to be hauling at least 3500 lbs. You were hauling maybe 725 lb.

His rear wheel horsepower was at best 310 (convertible, stock since still with sticker on it), yours at LEAST 150 (if your bike is stock). So your weight to hp ratio is no worse than 4.8, while his is no better than 11.3.

The relative real world numbers are:

Corvette LS1 0-60 in 4.5, 1/4 in 13.1 at ?
Corvette LS6 0-60 in 4.0, 1/4 in 12.5 at ? (but WELL under 120 mph)
Hayabusa 0-60 in 2's, 1/4 in 9.9 at 145

An even SOMEWHAT astute Corvette owner would have smiled and said "nice, fast bike" and moved on.

Your adversary didn't do even BASIC research. I guess some people DO have more money than brains.

You must have kept the brakes draggin' for him to even stay in the same COUNTY. . .

Jim G
Well I never claimed to be a pro drag racer. I think this guy just had a case of the "watch how cool I am in my new unstoppable corvette". I too own a vette, but never in my wildest dreams would I ever have thought of racing a bike, maybe a goldwing, but I own one of those too..... Anyway no harm done, I got to experience a little taste of heaven.. Ya ya ya I know now back to work NERD !!!
I hate to say it, owning a 'vette and all, but schweet.

I love giving educations like that. If you don't know what you are revving against...

I find that the people that try me are vettes and imports. Alot of vette guys buy an image, and as such really don't know jack about going fast.

I NEVER get challenged by SS's and Z28s 'cause most of those guys know cars and know speed...

Cool kill..
Captain, you da man. I couldn't go out and play this weekend because we were watching a couple of our grandkids. I'm an old greybeard and don't ride fast very often, but I would have really enjoyed giving him a double Busa surprise. I finish my doctorate next semester and have been considering a Corvette as a graduation present to myself. It sounds like Busa owners also appreciate Corvettes and Porsches. I've had some little cars try to race me away from stop signs, and sometimes it takes a while to realize they are racing. It's so cool to live in another dimension of acceleration that most people will never experience. Too bad for them...
I just sold my 71 vette and I am looking at a 63 in New Hampshire, frame off restoration.... Can't make up my mind what I want to do!!
Being a Corvette owner myself, I have to say as fast as my car is, I never expect to beat a bike.  I've had fun keeping up with 700cc bikes and under, but the Super sport bikes are a whole different animal.  Off the line I don't even bother, but upstairs, I like to fool around.  I've got a friend that has a 9 sec twin turbo 1000+ hp streetable corvette that doesn't lose to anyone, not even the bikes.  Than again, for 150grand, I'd expect to beat everyone too.  
Sounds like the lingerfelter (butchered spelling) vette
</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td> (captain @ July 09 2002, 07:12 SUFFIX)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Sounds like the lingerfelter (butchered spelling) vette[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
You know your tuners.

That it is and it's the 427 twin turbo adjustable boost version. Pulls like a mother to 230+mph. He's got a 6spd and keeps breaking his trans. I went for a ride and it was a rush of a lifetime. Love to own one, just need and extra 149k.

John Lingenfelter had an auto race a jet and win. Pretty cool if you ask me.
I have about 4 videos of the race between his vette and a busa.. Ummmmm seems to me he got beat. There are tons of threads on boards on this topic..... 150k car vs 9k bike have you seen the videos?
Was it the 427 tt or the 346 tt. One makes about 650 hp the other makes over 850. I know the 650 tt is about a low 10 car, but the 427 is said to be low 9's. It's strength is above 80 when the boost kicks in and the tires stop spinning. Must be an awesom race either way.

Thanks :hammerhead: