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Long time member, first time poster! I finally saved up and bought a 2010 Hayabusa last August. Been having a blast, what an amazing bike! You just gotta LOVE that power band this puppy has, WOW! :laugh:

Any who, I had to remove the oil pan the other day B/C of a striped plug. I drained the oil, removed the oil filter, removed the exhaust, drained some of the coolant, removed the pan, and then tapped the hole. Then I replaced the pan, mounted the exhaust, hooked up the coolant. So far so good. I then topped up the coolant and added the oil, all was good, so I thought. It was weird, I noticed some tiny bubbles in the oil check window when I started it up, the window also seemed like it was a little fogged from moisture. Its been so damn foggy and rainy around here for the last 3 week, it was hard to tell! I didn't think much about it. Went for a little cruise and came back. Something just didn't seem right. I'm going to change the oil & filter again, just in case. Is it possible a little coolant got into the oil? How?

I think only with a cracked head or blown head gasket can coolant pass into oil res?
Not an expert but I did stay at a Holiday inn last night.
with that operation,only thing I can think of is a little spillage into the exhaust opening. If it was all apart for a couple days,I would say just condensation.Maybe see if yer rad or over flow bottle is down. You could also check for white smoke out the ass. (blown head gasket has these symptoms)

Where in Canada?

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I hope you get it figured out ...
Sounds like moisture to me but I'm no pro mech ...
I thought I had a blown head gasket on my durango ...a bunch of yellow sludge and bubbles in my oil .
I did alittle research and since I live in Illinois and we can have a hot day the freeze the next and I live 5 miles away from work the engine never burned hot enough to get rid of the moisture a cold soda on a hot day .
Good luck
Thanks for the feedback guys. I think I will change the oil & filter just be safe! :)

@ Rubberside, from Nova Scotia, U?
Thanks for the feedback guys. I think I will change the oil & filter just be safe! :)

@ Rubberside, from Nova Scotia, U?

Other shore,Vancouver Island. We'll have to do a Canadian ride some day,meet in the middle. :thumbsup:

There's just waaaaaay too much love on this! :super:

I think I'll save my $$ and just do the change. :) If I come to find any miraculous solution, I will let u know! :learn: