confuzzed 2008??


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I'm confuzzled, too. I was hearing a revamp release in June 2007. Or was that going to be an early-release 2008.

Just searching for "2007":
supposedly, june 2007 there will be an early release for 2008. Look up the vegas baby thread by ted biele for 2007 show info.


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Ted already stated:


08=New Busa

Suzuki website has Busa as unchanged. Although all 07 paint schemes are considered "LE" b/c this is the last year of the current Busa platform.
(00Busa @ Oct. 05 2006,17:41)
(usn04limited @ Oct. 05 2006,20:38) What does BNG stand for?
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Yep that's what they're supposed to be. Instead we got "PCC" (Poor Crayola colors).

One of the guys at posted that suzuki is "Mocking" the ZX-14 by releasing the same colors as kawi did the 14 last year. Sure.
Mocking would have been giving us a 1397cc boost this year to tie over for 2008...providing they give us anything then.

Hate to say it but the busa is quickly becoming the "Harley Davidson" of sportbikes.
Minus H-D's questionable reliability and certain lack of speed in comparing, Everyone wants one, Everyone knows what it is (discovery channel specials adjacent to chopper shows), dealers sell every one they have available, and it's the one sportbike that gets customized the most. Beating out the R1 even in "bling" goodies.

No wonder alot of busa guys jumped over to the 14. Slightly better or not it's something DIFFERENT and Unknown to the world. People like change, it's a fact. I hope suzook sees this in 2008 otherwise they'll be selling a "Leather and Studs Sturgis" edition busa.



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