ok ok. Sorry bout that rev. I have one confession and thats i never bought the vfr. I had a 600 for a year and a half, but i never rode it in the streeet until 6 months ago. I thought if i had the busa everyone would say it was to much power which i do have. Im in Wisconsin now so the streets arent as bad as in AZ. I run in the 9.5's and i do have all those mods to my bike. I should run 9 flat , but im not as experienced as everyone on this board.

Thanks for the confession... I dig you, you just seem to carry it a bit. No worries. Forgiven by me. I can't speak for the others.

Now... On to the fun stuff... Riding!

Hey Tommy, Good Luck in Wisconsin, have fun with the Busa and your quest for that 9sec 1/4.

Take your time though man, if at 16 your running sub ten second 1/4s your allready ahead of the game.

Enjoy the ride, nowbeing up north your going to have the winter months to tweak and tune your ride. Post some pictures when you get a chance...

Sure thing rev. A lot better traffic wise in WI than AZ. There pretty reckless down there. i hate changin schools though, im probably the only kid with a bike goin to school . . . . oh yeah.

Was wondering what happend to you TB.

Never got to show you Tortilla Flats.

Ping me when you get back to AZ.
Just remember that your going to find a lot of sand and junk on the roads over the winter and early spring months.  Sand on asphalt can be damn near as slick as ice... Keep your head in it, enjoy having seasons that change...

BTW, good show of backbone. :thumbsup:
Heck 16 years old and already driving a 'Busa?? Well atleast Im not the only 16 years old who wants one...

Gee, in Italy (where I live) you need to be 21 to drive a Busa... And in the states you can drive it when you're 16... It's not fair!

Well maybe it is... When you're sixteen like me you're not experienced enough to drive something like a Busa, or not?

Hmmm, it sure does make me think...
Btw I'm new! :)
i hate the winter, at least i dont have to deal with the AZ traffic. Bikers get cut off all the time out there. ive ad a few close calls myself