anyone here from WI


startin to load up for my big trip to WI. thers tons of twisties there so i know ill have lots of fun!!! i have my quad out there to(polaris predator troy lee) so im pretty happy bout it. Also my bro has his stang 5.0 there. i beat that thing with my quad all the time. im movin to Racine which is close to milwaukee. i wont be able to drive my busa unfortunately .

I just got back from Milwaukee, however I did not have the Busa with me. I try to get there Milwaukee Cudahay Racine once a year.
Welcome to WI. I'm in Milwaukee, you are about 20min. away from downtown Milwaukee. PM me and i'll have you meet the crew.
for real

They do it on Lake Koshkonong near Madison. Dirt bikes with spiked tires. I've nevevr tried it but this is going to be the year.

Its not like you can take a Busa out on the ice.

I'm in Kenosha, just South of Milwaukee.

Can't wait til spring. It's snowing here today.

I've got a Heine Gerike suit that I wear. They make it somewhat bearable, but the hands are the worst.

Get some Gerbing electric gloves. They plug into the same style plug as the battery tender. They're awesome.