wheelies on busa


for everyone who wants to know i have stopped doing tricks and thats the reason ive bought the busa. 16 is young but im very safe whenever im potentialy in danger. ill get back to u guys on the changin gears doin a wheelie but its not that necessary now. My friend has an r6 and ill tape it as soon as i get a recorder. thanks for all ur support and for bot givin me the im to young speech. ive been ridin it fine and i know that this is the bike for me here are some pics of my new baby

yap from texas. the guy has a friend who has the same exact busa and the other guys bike is on ebay. i got the bike pics from him also so youll just have to live with that til i get a camera(spent all my money already). I live in AZ so texas is very close from where i picked it up.. its rides great and i dont see any troubles with it. im also looking for inurance(oh boy) its probably going to be the same price of the bike a year. :mad:

Awesome... Stay safe!

But sometimes, it just wheelies unintentionally...

Those are fun! :tounge:
My Buddy has/had a bike on ebay amd that look like it, but not for that price. It must have been the other 1:super:
It also has more than a few mods.

You got a very nice looking bike.
Enjoy it. :thumbsup:
much wisdom for your age, do not do this!

nice one use2b, What part of pensacola you in? I am going to be down there in Dec. Just got orders to spend the next 4 yrs teachin down there.
Yeah, yeah....
No more wheelies for me eithier. No I mean it! Hey! What are you doing?! I didn't wanna do that! No, Seriously. I swore I'd never do another wheelie back in 2000. I had a small mis hap that totalled my 1999 GSXR 750. I must have ridden thousands of them. I was quite good at it too. Then one day hit one of those invisible dips and hospital here I come. I wasn't wearing anything but jeans a t-shrt and helmet. Went down on a rock road to. Ate my freakin' lunch. I swore I'd never do another one. Ans I didn't until I got my Busa. Nowadays I just pick her up long enough to set her back down gentley. Has the same effect on the non riders, and I'm faster than most of the guys I ride with. So, I can handle the taunts an gun shy jokes. Besides I rather have my bike a lot longer than 18 months this time around. Take it easy.:)