Cold starts


my 2002 has 3600 miles on it has had regular oil changes and some filter inspected...ect.ect.....but starting last week it has been having a hard time starting once i get it started by giving it a lil twist of the throttle while hitting the starter itll start but kind of stargers up the rpm to were it should be does anyone know what is causing this the only thing i can think of is a bad fuel filter??? any help would be apreciated thanx
you should not have to give any throttle snap. What is wrong with your choke? Did they eliminate it on the 02'? On the 01' it is not really a true choke since you have FI, but it serves the same idea.
no it still has a choke so to speek of im gonna raise up my idle speed a tad its right around 1050 is my guestimation........i started it to day and it started right up just slowly worked its way up to the choke rpm.......weird.......i think im going to replace the plugs and fuel filter.......oils fine just changed ....this is the first time she ever acted up strange
a 'choke' on efi vehicles just is the pcm tellin the injectors to have a longer spray on time, and the iac to open on up a lil more to get rpms up
or does the iac close to allow a ricer mix?

im thinkin it will open to allow more airflow but then that would just make it leaner. maybe then it just sprays a whole lot of fuel then huH?

anyone know for sure?

and another question, im talkina bouta car is this the same way a bike's choke works??