Clutch Issue Please Help


Ok I have an 05 busa love these things. Any ways I bought it used and an issue with the shifting forks (supposedly). Took it apart replaced them which they needed to be. The symptoms were it would jump at about 4k in 2nd and 3rd. So after I replaced it the jumps were not as bad but it was still happening so then i looked into replacing the friction plates on it and some stronger springs so I put it all back together and now when it goes into gear it acts like the clutch isn't pulled in and it jumps right into gear. So i bled the clutch and still does it to see if that would fix the issue nope. So i pulled it all back apart and put old springs back on put it all back together and it still does it. When the clutch is pulled you can see the plate move out but still acts as if it is still engaged. Does anyone have any idea cause i am clueless. Oh yeah i did take the actual clutch plates used 180 grain sand paper to take the glaze off then rinsed in oil and wiped off. Please any advice would be great appreciated. Also have an issue with my neutral light my bike goes into neutral but wont register so the light wont come on. I replace the sensor its plugged in but to no avail will the light come on any ideas?
Whew....sounds like you covered most of it. Only question I have is what kinda oil you using? Also (seems like a rookie question), whats your oil level. Too much oil in the box will give you a hightened traction lvl on the gear box. I know it's a stupid question given the amount of knowledge implied. Not sure where to go with the neutral sitch.
Moblie motorcycle 10 40w got at autozone. So is this common to take some sand paper and sand off the glaze would that cause this. As for the level the level seems to be at the full mark if not just below it.
PM GIXERHP. Sometimes the heavy springs break the slave assembly but you said you had movement :dunno:
Make sure you have no air in lines.
Make sure the clutch push rod is engaged correctly.
Make sure you installed the clutch parts correctly.
Make sure your clutch slave isnt cracked. Dont use heavy springs w/o a slave support.
What was your stack height of the plates?

The popping out of gear could be that you need to have the tranny under cut. A common problem with gen 1 Busa's
your main problem was the trans needed cut ,therefore messing up the forks,you probably lost the little springs that go behind the 2 little pins in the shift drum that work with the gear position sensor.
chances are now is your stack height is to tall and now the it cant be pushed enough.