Clutch issues...

Big Jeff

Long story short.

I was coming home from work, and went to decel to make a right hander, clicked down two gears. Let clutch back in then it happens, the loudest crunching noise you can imagine and the bike GRINDS to a hault. Kept it upright, thank God.

After thinking about the what if's I get the bike back home.

Drain oil, and start to take off the clutch cover. As I pull the rubber piece off I see there is a crack in the clutch cover and a little bit of oil is leaking out.

Loosen all the clutch cover bolts and pull off the cover to find that one of the clutch spring bolts had loosened all the way out, became lodged in between the cover and the first plate. Ground away at them and then fell to the bottom. Spring is broke.

Funny thing is that ALL the bolts were loose. This CAN'T be normal can it? There is 18k on the bike now with all original internals.

Where do I go from here. I was thinking of replacing the springs and bolts and possible the clutch plates, but they look in real good shape still.

Has this happened to anyone else? Anyone have any thoughts.
I took mine apart at 5600 miles and a couple of the bolts were loose. Be sure to loctite them when you put it back together.
Should I go with stock springs and bolts, or something else?? I am a track day guy and a touring type guy. I don't drag race regularly. (except Beating -Insert cool car here-

Looking at the yoyodyne slipper... A little to $$$$ for me, unless someone on here gets really smoken deals on them....
WOW- this sounds like the problem I just had at the track yesterday-- went to downshift from third to second- and it wouldn't go- just lots of clunking-- I was (at this point) too hot after a few seconds of trying to get it in gear. Almost lost it.
This isnt the first time either-- a worse time-- coming down on 1st turn at TWS- after the long straight (going 130)- it clunked and wouldnt go to lower gear!
So its probably a clutch prob? Some one told me that they noticed a major shifting improvement by changing to synthetic oil.
I have an '06 with 6600 miles.