How long does it take to clean your busas? And what do you use to clean them?

Im just curious, cause it takes me over 4 hours to clean my sportster.
I keep a very clean Ninja Eater. I use Crystal-Glow for Acrylic shine. 4 hours dude, I enjoy riding not cleaning. i clean chain and all after every ride but don't approach that kindc of time.
I put 100 miles a day on my Busa. Once a week is all she gets and it takes me about 1 hr. I use good ol' kerosene for chain and rear tire blow it out and lube it. The rest is the usual cleaning. A little dirt and wear shows that the bike has character!
hey try using Pro Honda spray cleaner&polish in a can. it cost about five bucks, but it clean everything without damage. I know some guys with Hogs that use it on thier ride. hope it help!
Takes me about an hour, maybe two if I put a few coats of polish.

I use a stuff called Zaino, used in the vette show circuit, and it works great. Its a polish, not a wax, so the more you put on (within reason), man the thing starts to glow.

There is also a detailing spray, probably just like all the others, you can use between polishings that really makes it reflective.
Ill probly make an attempt to keep the busa in showroom condition, but im also going to ride every I can. Damn, winter is gonna suck here in Indy. Maybe Ill head down to florida, and look for the Ninja Eater  
Get away from all the salted roads