Cleaning helmet liner, looking for suggestions.


So I'm running a Simpson Super Bandit and honestly the liner is way past needing a wash. Unfortunately it does not detach from the shell so I thought I'd ask if anyone has had to deal with this before and come up with a simple solution. Simpsons' website suggests using their spray "freashener" but I'm well past that threshold. Any help would be appreciated. Thx.
Not sure, a bounce sheet left in there will freshen things up a bit. I always were a skull cap under my helmet because of my huge ears and not wanting them to fold. I do find the liner keeps the helmet cleaner.
Just wash the whole helmet with laundry detergent. Set it up with a fan blowing into the front, by morning it'll be fine. The expanded EPS (Styrofoam lookin' stuff)inside won't be hurt by water.
Some say that soap will prematurely wear out the lining of a helmet. Whatever. :moon:

If you use shampoo to wash your hair,the residue will transfer to the lining,garanteed.

So....make up a solution of warm water and your favorite shampoo and wash the lid in that. If shampoo residue is already deteriorating the lining the WTF...may as well continue that process.:laugh:

Then air dry.

As long as there is nothing that will rust I would think soaking overnight in a bucket with some Woolite would do the trick. I use it for my removable liners.
Yep. I've washed my Shoeis for years in the bathtub with shampoo and warm water.
Lather rinse and dry by stuffing a towel in there. Let it sit and soak as much water up as possible and finish with light blow dry. Comes out like new. Just be careful not to get liner too hot with hair dryer as it may weaken glue holding liner to shell.