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POPO 749

Ok fellow riders here's my help question, I'm sure it won't be my last.  I just got my windscreen in, it's a Sportech model in Black Chrome it's suppose to fit a 2003 but guess what.  You win the prize it doesn't. The mounting holes don't match up as the stock screen has a bend at the edges and the aftermarket doesn't.  My question is if anyone else has this brand of screen is there any kind of modification I need to do.  I don't want to bend the screen and chance cracking it(cost alittle to much for that).

Thanks for the help
I have installed a few on Busa's and never had any problems. You sure you got the right one?
It says it's for 99-03 Busa's but lined up next to the stock screen, it does not match up at the corners. The stock screen has a downward bend to it at the mounting holes.
I think I know what you are talking about. They must have made a change for 03. Attached is a drawing of the 02 does your stock screen look like this?

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That's what the stock screen looks like, but the after market one does not bend as sharply so even if I did get the screws to match up the fairing would have a 1/2in gap at the mounting holes.

I'll try to upload a pic of it in the morning, If they won't take it back maybe someone else on the board can us it.

Murphy's law get's you everytime
Thanks to everyone for their help, I contacted the company and they state that there was a forming problem with the first run of screens(then why do you sell them) but they have offered to replace the screen so we'll see how that goes.
I bought a zero gravity euro screen with the same problem. It doesn't fit properly on the edges. Unfortunately i had it painted before i fitted it :frown: but I'm hoping I can somehow reshape it. though I've just bought a double bubble and am waiting to have it painted as well.

Lesson learned..try it before you buy it, or in my case before you paint it.
Dezzy , what color are you painting your screen ? I have a dbl bbl and I'm going to paint it in the stock color of the bike , and just leave the top bbl clear . I won't say what color because then everyone will say " thats the fastest color "
Well the new screnn came in and it's a perfect fit

If someone could tell me how to post them the pics will follow.

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It was apparently a problem with the first batch. I bought one a month ago and it didn't fit at all.

I got one last week and it fit very well (not as good as the OEM), but its fits...

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