While Changing Windscreen


While I was changing the windscreen, sliding the screen down for a good fit, one of the plastic peace, ( there are 2; 1 one each side),that holds down the inners with the push-in rivet broke off !!!

Has this ever happen to anyone? How do you repair it?

When you say it broke off, did it fall in? I'm assuming that you're talking about the plastic piece that's two concentric circles right?

If you push hard/deep enough, the center piece actually comes out. So it may be that you have a piece somewhere underneath the plastic.

Obviously you could ask the dealer, but I bet they charge $5 for ONE. I've never seen these type of fittings elsewhere, but Home Depot/Lowes might have something like this. Or you could go the auto route and try Pep Boys.

Good luck!

No I mean break off! I am NOT talking about the ($5) small nylon rivets that you have to push in in order to remove... Behind the inners, the nylon rivets hold on to a plastic peace. There is one on each side of the upper side of the widscreen. They are actually the same color as the bike; my 2002 Busa is Blue & Black the plastic peaces are also Blue and Black ). I pushed the windscreen and on side broke off!

One has to look on the top-inside of where the windscreen slide in to see it.

DAMN! That piece. That seriously blows. Not sure what your options are.

Maybe someone else will have some suggestions.

Good luck!
I used some superglue to temporarily hold it in place, then used a 2 part epoxy to fix it back to the plastic.
It's got a couple of little guides to line it up in the stock location.

No problems so far!
Thanks for your email BADZXELEVEN - I Just finished to put it back together and it works great.The 2 little guides you mentioned were a lot of help.

You made my day....