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Hello All!
Just picked up a 2001 'busa, and my wife already hates it 'cause I am in love. Stumbled across the website today, so I thought I would sign up. I am currently riding in Japan, so from over here, Semper Fidelis!


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Welcome to the board. I have a question though, a while back I had heard that Japanese spec bikes are limited to 100 HP or something like that. Do you know what the regs or and how the Busa avoids this? I guess it's about the same as in France I think it is as well. Or maybe my intel is dated...
Welcome to the board. Nice looking bike. None other then the fastest color.
Semper fi Marine! Love the bike, and you got the world's fastest colors ...lolol a topic of hot debate here but all in good fun..

Welcome to the boards...just remember the bike comes with a warranty, the wife.......well

Welcome to the board bro!

Like Odyssey, I too would like to visit Japan. And, climb Mt. Fuji in the Winter among other things!
Welcome to the board, since you let yours out to play in the rain make sure you dry her off.