Check out my sons web site

Wow, he has a future in web design. It is a nice layout. A friend of mines brothers set up websites then run google ads and make a fortune.
for helping him pursue something he enjoys.
(BusaWhipped @ Jan. 23 2007,02:58)
(semi @ Jan. 23 2007,01:54) young dude's got skillz
i really like to see examples like this of young people doing positive things with their lives...he's headed in the right direction
+1. But his hit counter has a bug in it. It doesn't recognize IP addresses. So some idiot with nothing better to do at 1:30 AM can click the refresh button a few hundred times and screw up his stats.
That road was paved with good intentions.
No it wasn't me.

He's got some skillz. If he enjoys it there could be a bright future in store.
Just wanted to thank you all again for everyone that has gone to my sons site and left comments.. it is awesome and thank you so very much...

I just feel in my gut that all the positive responses you all have left will pump him up and encourage him to continue with it, keep it updated and it will be a real positive thing for him to be doing...

So again.. thank you all... lot more comments that I had expected and it is awesome!!!!

thanks guys and gals!!