Charging Voltage???


I need Help PLEASE......I have a 2006 Suzuki Hayabusa with 33000 Miles...I installed a Shorai Lithium Battery 11 months ago which worked Excellent up until approx 3 weeks ago....My problem is : my bike was working great except for a bad front wheel bearing so I Parked it up for abt 3 weeks until I installed the new bearings.....however the battery went completely dead so I had to jump start the bike with my car.....she stared up fine I rode a short distance and the battery charged up fine.....about a week after I rode the same distance with the high beam on this time and the bike didn't want to start back up so I had to jump start it again, I left the bike idling for a while abt. 5 minutes and the battery went completely dead and the bike shut off...I jumped started it again and rode a longer distance trying to keep the RPM above 7000...when I reached home, I switched off the bike and started it again, the bike fired right back up...

I bought a multimeter and did some tests using my Haynes Manual and came up with the following results:

Bike switched off Battery voltage = 13.1V
Bike idling at 1150 RPM (Low beam headlight ONLY)= 12.5V
Bike @ 5000RPM (Low Beam Headlight ONLY)= 13.2V
Bike @ 5000RPM (Low Beam and High beam on) = 12.6V
After testing with High and Low beam on battery voltage dropped to 12.9 when bike was switched off...

The manual said that @5000 with both High and low beam the charging voltage should be 13.5V to 15.0V...It also goes on to say that if the charging voltage is less than 13.5 (like what I'm experiencing) it is possible that the stator ( Alternator) is faulty....Also that if the voltage is above 15V then the regulator/rectifier will be faulty...

I would like to know if anyone else experienced this problem?
Would changing my Stator fix this problem?
Should I also change the Regulator/Rectifier?
Could my battery be faulty because I allowed it to be completely drained?
Did I damage my Stator when I jumped the bike with the car running?

Any help will be GREATLY appreciated .....

Thanking you
Mark R.
Inspect the connector from the stator to the rectifier. It is a 3 wire connector with 3 yellow wires coming from the stator. Connector is located on the left side of the bike. You can follow the stator wires to find the connector.

Pull it apart and inspect it to see that it is clean, not melted, and corrosion free.
thanks for posting sportbikeryder...I will check out that connector as soon as possible and post my findings....
From your test, I would think your battery is ok, has to be the rectifier or stator.
Sounds like the stator to me. It's fine to jump a bike with a car but the car should not be running when you do this. Let us know if you have any bad wires.
thanks for all your comments guys....Today I Inspected the connector from the stator to the rectifier (the 3 pin connector on the left side of the bike under the tank). It seemed perfectly ok, no corrosion, no heat damage , not melted etc. While I was there I did a stator Resistance Test (tested the 3 pin stator connector on the stator side). According to my manual Stator resistance should be 0.2 - 0.4 OHMS, However each pair that I checked showed 0.0 OHMS. So I'm guessing that my problem really is a faulty Stator....
Wow, that would be a shorted stator. Just make sure your meter and testing protocol was correct. Otherwise replace that stator. Read up on it so you don't pinch fingers, etc.
Can anyone tell me if riding my bike with the charging voltage rate of 13.2V can cause any further damage to it? I ordered a new OEM stator which I should receive probably one week from now, I would like to ride my bike as is until then but I'm afraid that I might cause any further damage.....
13.2 should not damage the battery. The window given in your manual goes to 15 VDC.
I would agree its the regulator/ stator. It doesn't regulate enough voltage to completely charge the battery and to sustain the electrical capacity of the bike it self.
So I changed my stator today. I ordered a new OEM one from installing I tested the charging voltage with the bike idling at 1150 RPM and high beam on the reading I got was 14.5 volts....I increased the RMP to 5000 and noticed the voltage gradually dropped to 13.9volts.....

Is this ok?
Doesn't the voltage increase when RPM increases?
I know my Clymer Manual says Charging Voltage should be anywhere between 13.5 to 15 Volts.