Changing oil while on rear stand


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I was just wondering if there are any ill effects from draining the oil while the bike is on a rear stand? Such as all the old oil not draining out?
I dont think this maintenance is a popular forum!!?!? I asked a few questions on the last topic and no answers yet... hehe Oh well cya!
Not that I have noticed. I use a rear stand all the time and the oil seems to drain completely -- and doesn't get all over the headers.
Thanks FLCN72, I didnt think it would be an issue, its just so much easier working on the bike while its up on the pit bull stand.
Hey Thunder Pants,

I bought a rear Pit Bull stand with spools at Laguna Seca and am looking for some tips on lifting it sucessfully. The time I tried, it didn't lift as easily as I hoped it would and I didn't want to drop it. Any advice that you could give me?

Kent Sheldon
Kent, I have both front and rear PIT BULLS. When I raise the rear I position the stand under the spool on kick stand side and then slowly lean into bike to straighten up. I then look at brake side spool and position stand while keeping a little pressure on handle. Once both spools are engaged, it is no sweat to lift the bike. I use my foot next to stand wheel to keep bike from rolling. Make sure the handle bars are straight so the bike lifts up straight.
Exactly, I leave the bike on the sidestand and get the clip on the spools first, then lean the bike up with one hand and then push down on the handle of the pit bull. It is a little scary the first time, just take your time to make sure te stand is on the spools perfectly. It also helps if you have the grab bar on the bike, easier to steady the bike.
I do the same but with the front wheel turned towardz the leftside with the kickstand still out so if she slip off the lift, it will fall towardz the kickstand side  being saved from a TKO.  Also tape a piece of rubber or just tape  over your spools when lifting to save it from the scratches the lift will cause . Just my .02
My .02.....I don't understand why this is not a popular forum....yes, it is hard to get answers here. I don't know about many of the people here but I don't like anybody else touching my baby with a wrench. Let alone touching her at all. I would like to say thanks to those who have answered my questions.....
Are you guys buying directly from Pit Bull or getting them from distributors? Are they any cheaper from dealers than they are direct? I'm gonna buy a set of front and rear stands soon and would like to get the best price possible.

Thanks guys for the input - I'll give it a try on Saturday and hopefully won't have a "tko"

Bullet Train - I bought mine at the WKSB races at Laguna and paid $139 with the spools - you need 8mm by the way - and the swing arm is pre-drilled

Thanks again for the advice guys

I used the rear stand to change the oil without any problems, well one, I dropped the oil drain bolt in the pan and had to fish it out of the hot oil. Not a big deal, I just need one of those pans with a screen on the top that doesn't let the bolt fall in with the oil.

One more little tidbit, Wal-Mart carries a Fram oil filter for the Busa for $7, about half what I pay for the Suzuki filter from my local dealer. Plus they had Mobil 1 synthetic for $18 a gallon. Not too shabby. Oh and you can get a tape deck for you car for $22 while you are there
Don't put those Fram oil filters on your busa. There's a reason they are cheap, they are a piece of crap! K&N's are good if you just don't want to get the stock Suzuki unit, but the Fram's should be avoided, unless you're looking to buy a new engine.
Don't put those Fram oil filters on your busa.  There's a reason they are cheap, they are a piece of crap!  K&N's are good if you just don't want to get the stock Suzuki unit, but the Fram's should be avoided, unless you're looking to buy a new engine.
I always thought Fram was a good brand, guess not. Thanks for the heads up Ben.

It's probably better since the girls that work the parts counter at the dealer are much better looking than check out girls at wal mart.
Sorry to sound negative, not my purpose. Just hate to see you lose an expensive engine because of a $7 oil filter. You can get the stock oil filter from for about $10 or $11. The shipping is about $7 so it may pay to get 4 or 5 of them for the same shipping cost. Also, as I said before, the K&N is a quality product as well, and it has a nut welded on the end to make it easy to to take off. Some other people out there may know of another filter that is also good, but I've heard horror stories about the Fram.