changing my lowering links


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I lowered my bike last year, looks great, but i want my handling back. When it was done the rear of the bike was "hung" on an engine hoist. I've since done links on a friends zx14 with the rear on a swingarm stand and a floor jack under the shock. Was planning on doin it the same with my Busa, until i read a thread about using rear stands by yourself. There was a post that said dont remove the bolt through the links while on stands, regarding an 08, mine is an 06. So, with swingarm stands in place and floor jack under the shock will something go bad when i pull the bolt? Does the rear end need to be "hung"? Thanks :thumbsup:

Dr E

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Yep! That's how I did mine. A bottle jack under the shock when you lower it will allow for a controlled decent and you will be just fine!


I used a rear stand and a floor jack under the shock mount with a 2/6 under the tire and just applied pressure to lift the back wheel just a bit to free the issues.

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