Chain lube

Got caught in a massive thunderstorm sat. night. Both the bike and I got soaked. The next morning the chain was orange, so I cleaned it with gas/oil mix I had and lubed it with wd-40 (soaked pretty heavy and wiped down with a clean rag). What damage did I do? Whats the best lube for a chain?


Hey TMY do a search, so much info out there on chain lube and cleaning. I use Kerosene to clean and Motul factory line chain lube.

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well... "according to the manufactures"

Never use WD40 (hardens o-rings)
use kerosene to clean..

I use either brake clean, kerosene or wd40 (what ever is handy) on a rag to clean chain and then use proper o-ring chain lube (PJ1 Blue or Chain wax for me)...


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Lowes carries Dupont Synthetic chain lube in a blue can. It works wonderfully. You only need to lube the roller that contacts the sprocket. The "o" rings if in good condition keep the (pre) luibe inside the roller pins. Guys around here swear by it. Doesn't pick up dirt, or contain grease which attracts everything . Wardie

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