chain life


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How many miles do you get out of your chain. I've got less than four thousand miles on my 2003 busa chain and they tell me it's worn out and not under waranty. I've also adjusted it about 6 times so far and no it's not too tight.

I got 25,000 miles out of mine. A chain, like brakes and clutch are considered wear items. As such they have a very limited warranty. Basicly they would have to break right after installation to be covered.
Chain life varies and depends alot on how hard you are on the bike. Wheelies etc. will greatly reduce the life of the chain as it adds substantially to the stretching. 4000 miles seems kind of short though, but like I said, it depends. Be sure and replace the sprokets when you replace the chain, BTW. Should always do this.
for about the first 1000 miles I had to adjust mine every time out. Now I have almost 13000 miles on it and it's toast.