center stand

no none has used one :withstupid:

just do a search it works GREAT
There are lots of people with center stands. Johnny is right about doing a search on that topic. The search engine for this board works great and can find lots of info for you.

I don't have a center stand on mine, but I see no reason it would cause a loss of lean angle for you. There are other bits on the bike that will stick out further than the center stand (when it's up) that will hit the pavement first. So I wouldn't let lean angle be an issue for you if you want to get one.
I have one but I'm not very good in the curves so I don't know if it would be a problem or not.  I don't think so.  It did come in very handy one day when I had to adjust my chain on the side of the road.

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Hey Jibey-

Don't know about the lean angle (whoever knew I'd actually need to pay attention in geometry class?) but the bank sensor bolt (on the bottom of the footpeg) is about 3/4" longer than stock, to accomodate the extra distance the foot lever on the center stand sticks out. Of course, if you are using that to sense your angle of lean, you are a far braver man than I....
Yes Fast is right on the 3/4 longer bank senser bolt as he calls it i have the center stand and i frequently *when i'm in the Black hills* where i can actually ride twisties i would usually only hit them on really aggressive turns when the riding got really quick other wise you will be fine unless your into some serious knee dragging then you may run into a bit of problems i feel i'm about in the middle when it comes to aggressives i have sratches them bolts many a times and was definatly fun but it's a seldom occurance for me in SD to find roads where i can do that at but this mod is nice i like it especialyl for taking long trips when you may have to adjust the chain or just that extra securty that your bike won't fall over so easy
Well I finished installing the center stand and rode with it. It didn't effect my ability to turn yet. I still have to take it on some serious curve in Colorado. Using the stand is great though and I makes working on it easier. But it was hell puting it on the bike. I had to remove the radiator and exhaust to install it, but well worth it.