Captain's Big Screen TV Rally


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   Ok here is what I am doing, I am out about $2,000 for the last shirt order and my wife has supportingly advised me that her new dining room table and living room set is not going to suffer because I ordered a couple hundred shirts to have in stock for this website. Fellas what this means is that the poor Cap has to take this loss until I recoup the money from the shirt sales. This means my new big screen gets put on hold. I figured up approximately how many shirts I need to sell to get my big screen back on track so that I can watch OU football with Dustin in my new house. I need to sell 150 shirts to pull this TV thing off and I am going to use this topic as a place to keep you all advised of where I stand on this project. I do not want charity from anyone, just you folks out there in Busaville that have been putting off getting your shirt, this is the time, the Captain needs a big screen. If you need a shirt order it, if you have a closet full like Ninja Eater and Jester then do not order a shirt just because you want to help, I don't want pity... I am pretty successful guys it's all about how much cash I want to be out of pocket for so don't think that this project is to get me a heart transplant or anything, just a way to maybe have a group project that we can rally around and have some fun with........ OK so here we go starting with 150 and counting down here we go. As I receive the orders I will post the new number.

Well, you can't have too many .org shirts. Unless you're trying to sell them. I'll take a couple. more.
just ordered my first.

Pretty sure my order went through.  I sat at the screen for a loooong time. Finally gave up and x'd it out.  Hey Cap': Let's be clear here...I just wanted the shirts.  I assume no responsibility if my purchase contributes to the life-sized display in your living room of OSU, Nebraska, or the like delivering an a$$ whoopin' on those OU boys!  
Yes sir I got your order, however you must know that I had nothing to do with ranking OU as number 1 this year, that was accomplished by fellow believers.


i will order a shirt when i actually get my bike... i just got the purchase order today, now i have to go to the bank. its a '02 limited edition gray, canadian spec but the grey is only sold in japan.

by the way, i am definately looking forward to seeing TEXAS give a beating to ou on my bigscreen
OK Ordered my 2 finally. I'll prolly get a couple more down the road as well... Thanks Captain.
A question... Any other acceptable payment method besides PayPal? I don't mess with PayPal. I'd take a couple shirts if there's another way to pay. Maybe Postal Money Order? Just let me know...

FWIW, I've seen mention of shirts and have meant to ask wtf you guys were talking about. This is the first time I have seen them. Would have bought some a while back if I had known. I'm sure there are more like me who have joined and didn't even know about the shirts. You shouldn't have any problems getting those shirts gone now.
If you do not like paypal the next easiest way would be to pay someone who does cash to order them for you. If that doesn't tickle your funny bone then you can always send a check. I usually hold the checks until they clear, it slows the process a little but it doesnt really matter to me. If you decide to do that then go the shirts page and calculate everything and then send me a check. If everything adds up I will ship em out.


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Cap, you can always come watch tv at my place... it's big enough.
but then, you wouldn't be able to do all those honeydo's.
just got my blk shirt in the mail only took a couple of days, looks cool think i might need the white one now