White Shirts Going Away


Dis in my way!
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Ok here's the deal.. For me to be able to ship out merchandise quickly to those of you that choose to order I am forced to keep product in stock.We have had the white shirts for almost 2 years and we still sell a few of them but I am having a hard time justifying keeping the shirts in stock.

So what does this mean, we are discontinuing the white shirts, what we have in stock is the last of them for awhile. We are completely out of the white short sleeve Large shirts. As the orders come in for the white shirts and we run out of each size I will remove the ability to order from the ordering page.

I am working to get a new shirt out before laguna, the flag shirt that I keep talking about. I need to clear some current stock so that I can get enough together to start a new shirt design..

So, umm, where are the shirts, hats and decals now? I've looked and can't find 'em to order anything. Why don't we have an easier to find link to 'em? Or, am I just overlookin' it?
ok, I found it. Had to go to the HOME link. I never go there. Why no links from the forums, Captain?

I'm gonna order a  couple more white t's before they're all gone. Got plenty of the black ones still.

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There is one on the bottom of the page called order form
That wasn't there a few minutes ago though... was it?

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I got your PM, how many of the medium white short sleeve do you want?

i want one white style #2 and one black style #3, both mediums
black cap with red/silver logo.

i'll PM you my address

want me to send you a check for the extra T?
I would prefer that to paypal.
PM me your address and name for the check.
Cap, you can wait until the tanks come in to ship the white shirts I just ordered. Save some shipping $ that way. Bob
OK, Just ordered an XL White Long Sleeve, a Small White Short Sleeve, and a Small White Long Sleeve... Just doing my part...

Thanks CAP!

Cap, ordered 1 2XL white LS and 1 2XL white SS shirts. You can wait to ship them plus the cap I ordered until the tanks come in. I'm in no rush!
WOW, you guys must be seriously crazy for the white ones..... I have had an onslaught of orders for the white shirts... We are able to cover all of the orders so far and we are getting really close to being out in many of the sizes. Once I get a count of where we are I will begin removing the abilty to order from the order page...

Thanks guys it really helps to clear these shirts out so that we can get new styles in..