Canadian 2004 special Edition Busa pic

Hey man !! Where/how/when were you able to get a special edition red Busa ?? I've never heard of such a beast and I thought the '04's weren't available until December ?? You must have some sweet connections somewhere ?? :super:

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That looks like a Tapeworks chrome Kanji symbol on the pic and the rim lips look polished too, neither seem stock. Also the reflectors are missing. Seems like a repaint '03 to me. Could be wrong but what gives here? Is this legit?

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Its legit honest... I bought it...Suzuki Canada has not authorized its release yet as it is a limited Edition...the dealers know about it...Its truly happening but not in the flyers or pages yet until japan says so but if you go to the canadian page you will see it lists red as a colour
Available Colour Red

Blue/Silver, Black/Purple, Black/Blue

So, what about the Japan-only blue SE?

Too many SE models have been released lately, IMO.