2003 vs. 2004 Hayabusa

The Hitman

I have to make a difficult decision in the next week or so - 2003 vs. 2004 Hayabusa.  I can save $1300 if I go with a 2003, however I like the Black/Blue (Canada) 2004 color better.  From the reading I have been doing, I can see that the 2004 has not really changed that much (appearance, performance, features, etc..) so I am thinking that I will get the 2003 and spend that extra cash on some sweet new gear.  What do you guys think???
03 cost less to insure, tag, & buy.
03/04 virtually the same bike.........
Satisfaction of having a motorcycle in the colors you like "Priceless"

Get what you like best in colors. You don't need to make too many changes for a while. Shop around to get what you want.
I would get a leftover 03 personally and put the 1300 that I just saved in buying mods (exhaust, PCIII, airbox mod, pair mod, oh ya and custom fender chop and reflector removal).  But if you like a 04 color more and can afford it get that.

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The only thing i saw different was that the 04 had the yellow turn signal release button. the paint pattern is actally alike (03 and 04), just different color. im thinking u will probably save a few hundred at the most if u get an 03, maybe enough for a good helmet and pair of glove.
Hmmm... mine has a black button. Are you talking about the "Pass" button to blink the high-beam?

I don't use it since I ride with my high-beam on most of the time during the day.
Hmmm... mine has a black button.  Are you talking about the "Pass" button to blink the high-beam?  

I don't use it since I ride with my high-beam on most of the time during the day.
i cant remember exactly what the button was for, but i dont have 1 on my 03. maybe u are correct and it could be a different color on different bikes.
The cost between the 03 & 04 to insure will be pennies difference.

Get the color you want unless you want to mod right away? I would say get an 03 and use the money you save if you want to mod it.

The YELLOW button is a *FLASH TO PASS* button mainly used outside the US!
tough call, but I would go the 03 and mods route.

Remember: you can always paint it to match whichever color you want it to be.
go with the color that fits you. the yellow button is there for you to turn your lights on high for a second. i have the blue 04 model. do with you gut.
Get what you really want...Even if you save money you want be happy because you made a sacrifice...

That way you have the bike of your dream with two different color schemes for the same price! You can't beat that
Thanks for all of the great information guys. I have decided to go for the '04 model. I got the dealer to throw in a zero-gravity shield and a center stand for no extra cost. The only thing I need to get now is the awesome sounding akro. exhaust I heard a while back - that should be cheap.....
tsk tsk tsk.. haha you could have bought the akro full system if you'd went with the 03!!.. haha..

glad your happy though.. welcome! show pics