can you stretch gloves?


I have a pair of Icon Merc gloves. I bought them in my size, used them for months, then bought a different brand/pair. I put them up in the closet and they seem a little small now. The last time I wore them my hands hurt after riding. Is there a way to stretch them out?.
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I have seen a spray that you can put on leather shoes to help stretch them out.
You might check at a shoe store or shoe repair.
Others will chime in too.
Good luck!

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on a warm day, put the gloves on, dunk your hands in a bucket of water, and go for a ride... Wear em until they dry and they'll fit perfect after that.... just my .02


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I use a leather conditioner. Put gloves on, warm in front of a small heater, pour a big glob of the conditioner into your gloved palms and "wash your hands" getting the conditoner all over. As you work the conditoner in, pull and tug at the tight points. Doing this in front of the heater works well too. Repeat with more conditioner untill gloves are Very Well lubed. Let dry for about 10 mins and put them back on and work any remaining conditoner into the leather as you pull and tug. (conditoner will eventually work in and the gloves will become tacky)
Then heck..go for a ride!:thumbsup:

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