anybody tried these gloves?


i know this is a stupid question, but i picked up a new pair of gloves today and wanted to see if any of u guys wear them and how u like em, here they are


they're a little pricey, but i have bought about 6-7 pairs of gloves in the past few years for about $40 a pair and they never fit my hands right. These one's felt pretty good and the salesman seemed to think they were very top notch gloves. Hopefully this will be my last pair for a while
No, but they sure look nice.
Gloves always seem to run slightly small. The XL just a little to big and I just can seem to break in the L where they feel perfect. They need a middle size.
Next pair of gloves I buy will be as I try them on at the bike show or a well stocked dealer.
normally any glove i wear it is always a large. After buying 2 or 3 pairs of large motorcycle gloves, thinkin they are tight at first but will stretch, they were always too tight and made my hands feel extremely uncomfortable. My last pair was an xl and they were great, got these in xl, there is just a little extra on the fingers (maybe 1/4"), but other than that they feel great. Now just gotta ride with them to break em in a little and hopefully they don't stretch much
They look nice, but I'm not sure I would pay that much for one that didn't cover the wrist. AlpinStars typically make pretty good gear though. I typically wear a XXL, but lately feel like I need to go up to a XXXL. I'm still growing! :laugh:
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don't really like the one's that go all the way up over my wrists, they're just too big for me. I know they offer more protection, but i never take it to the track or get too crazy around the twisties
I haven't tried that particular model, but I currently wear the AlpineStars SMX Air Carbon gloves in the summer, and love them. :thumbsup:


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I have a similar pair I think but the Alpine Stars were the best fitting gloves for my hands. Yeah they were pricey but the other ones I would buy were uncomfortable and sometimes I would just leave them off.

Very nice. My gloves last less than 15k miles. Hope yours last longer.
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Riding with them right now and have another exact same pair waiting on me when I wear the first ones out!!!:thumbsup: That says enough about them for me... top-notch gloves in that price range/ functional use in my opinion--Hope you like them too- I have a blue/white pair:beerchug: