Camping / mountain biking / hiking .Trip 9


Making full use of the 21DS Micro lite.
The Orbea MX20 was tested for 8 miles off road today. I was very excited about the performance of this cross country style mountain bike. All three furr babies are enjoying time outdoors. Only downside is mosquitoes are so bad I might as we be giving blood.


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You know I’d bet that no one, not one person has even (thought) about messing with you and your pups. :D Nice country. Wish my knee and hip were in better shape. I used to like hiking around. My daughter does some serious hiking. When she lived in Mill Valley she would hike over Mt. Tam and down to Stinson Beach and back. She’s planning to hike the Grand Canyon. Already been up Mt. Shasta, her mom too. I miss not going along.


Bryan y’all are the most out doors people I know. And in this heat!!! Wish I had half that energy and time for that stuff. Have more fun for those of us that live through your posts! Lol
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