Camera/GPS mount.

Kevin in Va.

Been busy playing in the garage, made a mount for my Mini DV cam I bought the other day.. was wondering if anyone else had made one and what problems they may have encountered.
I used the tank bolts near the goose neck and just migged some steel together,I cant see spending 100 bucks for a similiar device. Also found a suction cup to use on the rear mount. Get a pic tomorrow as it looks like rain...Course it is my day off..................
I would like to see it plz, I have seen a guy that had one made of alluminum and mounted to the tank bolts ... seemed to work.
Well it isnt fancy..
But if it works well and costs less than 3 bucks, I will be happy.
Course the thought of it flying past my head at high speeds makes me want to buy one!

Will post a pic later one, ordered a firewire card, gonna make some movies!