Calling on Houston TX Riders

I recently installed two brothers full exhaust 4-2-1 with dyno jet power comander and k&n filter. The bike runs strong but I want to take it to a respectable and trustworthy tuner to make sure I have the correct mapping and basically get the most bang for my buck. I am located in Houston TX.
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i would not go to stubbs telephone.
their best guy mondo, put on a yoshi for me.
he put 25k coolant back in.
didn't tune my pc3 (it's plug n play, he says)
left my fan switch unplugged, causing overheating at the 1st traffic jam i came to:banghead:


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Make the 3 hour trip to Round Rock and get it done right the first time by Johnny Cheese. I recommend you call him in advance and set an appointment he is a busy man


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Jonny Cheese is the way to go.... I have yet to hear any negitive remarks about him. Once I can afford a tune, he will be the man I call.

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