buying time waiting for turbo


Well since I can't do my turbo yet I thought of some other things I wanted to upgrade! I got custom guages from tach says "Turbo" and speedo has the hayabusa emblem supersized on it. The night shot is kinda crappy since I got a nice new 5 megapixal camera and don't know totally how to use it yet so sorry,

Old view

Yo Marc how hard was the "electrical" installing of the indiglo guages ?
It might help if you reset the distance on the camera I think that is why you can not get a close up, distance from the factory is set for normal distant snap and not close up.
Really no biggie, but then again I am attempting my own turbo install! LOL...........

No it really wasn't that bad though, Electrically just plug and play. I havent wired them in for good since I'm not sure what I'll have to do for the turbo, with the dual stage controller, water injection, computers and so on.

O'k I was just wondering if you blew it up cuz it can be very challenging u know :laugh: