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There are pics posted on here from the day I bought it, and I've digitally documented with pics all the changes since then. These pics were accidently deleted before, so took some tonight since insomnia is setting in again.

First up is a teaser shot, showing the reflective qualities of the new decals I had custom made from Glen at Thundercomposites.
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Next up is my lame camera's attempt at catching the fine details Glen put in each decal, the lines in the SUZUKI are rays of light, ranging from a Mid-Lime to a deep golden color, simply cannot pull the detail with my camera.
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Left Rear without decals, scrubbed clean waiting to be hit with some fine paper to knock off the clear and shine.
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Left front, spots where some of the clear and top coat is missing (had to use a green scrub pad to get the darn adhesive off).
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Right side, also sans factory decals, and some spots missing clear and topcoat.
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Right front, same same.
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Another teaser shot of the beautiful detail work Glen at Thundercomposites does when he creates custom decals. You can kind of see the green to gold transitions and yet still get the reflectiveness.
I hate seeing Green Lantern like this, so doubt I will take too many more pics until I have more progress done. I will also get with someone having a better camera (or fix my old one). End plan is to paint it Super Deep Gloss Black and then add the Green Lantern decals. Will be looking to sell my ZGDB, or trade for a light smoke / clear one, cant get the video camera to work thru the dark smoke.


p.s. I owe Guido a lot, he's shared a ton of knowledge with me and the board, as well as many others.

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Hey thanks dude.................

Those pics are pretty dark - ya can't see much detail.

Looks like it's coming along tho....

good luck and keep us updated


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Agreed, Dark & grainny. Camera Phone? Looks like things are comming along. My paint job will be soon.

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