BusaWhipped went down


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Was riding along around 6:15 pm yesterday. Got off the highway, hit the front brake, and the cruise control didn't disengage. I let off the brake and hit it again. The front brake locked up.

That short skid is all it takes to put a bike down. I need to remember to hit the kill switch first if it happens again so the back tire isn't pushing the front tire while braking.






Glad you're ok Dennis.. ATGATT!!!! Thank God you're a believer in that!

I'm hoping you figure out what the issue was with the cruise, maybe it'll help out others to make sure it doesn't happen to them. :(

Heal up quick, hope to see you this summer!
I saw the pics on FB first Dennis... Scared the heck outta me.. Hope you're not too sore today...
I have LED brake light mod with the cruise control mod. The CC is wired through a relay mod that the brake light is supposed to trip to disengauge it. I guess all of these mods don't always work together.
That first pic just hurts to look at. Glad you are ok. Semi's full on with his eclipse towing the Busa. Bet you don't see many of those combo's around!
glad your ok man, you put enough miles on her that its not hard for something to malfunction just glad it wasnt worse!
I'm glad to see you come out of this in one piece and with a smile on your face Dennis!!
Sorry to hear this Dennis, hope whatever is wrong is back to right again real soon... and thanks to Semi for helping you out.
Man, Dennis! Glad to see you're alright and thank goodness this wasn't a panick stop at speed during rush hour! Sending wellness your way and hope to see everyone at ES.