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I knew it would happen eventually just not this soon. Some idiot in suv cut me off then slamed on the brakes for no reason. The busa has 450 miles on it and I was all set to finish the break in miles and start playing with her. I took all your advice and learned on something smaller then a little bigger then when I felt comfortable bought a busa. By the way best bike ever. Yet I digress. Msf course under belt, could pull good low speed turning, and practiced swevering evey time iwas leaving home or coming home, good thing. Cager pulls out then brakes I swearve hit brakes live then lay her down because of to much front brake and gravel, by the time the bike fell suv took off never saw me, bastard. Full gear never thought twice about the heat, good venting jacket, great helmet, good gloves. Not a scatch on me, bike ok not bad, mostly cosmetic. Questions how much of a pain is it to replace the engine cover left side no leaks but scratched, noticed a very light sound coming from the front tire a light grinding sound is this from the brakes, by the time i hit the ground i had to be going like 10 mph tops.:banghead:





damn man that stinks, i have 350 on mine. i went down years ago on a different bike so hopefully thats out of the way.

you are okay and that what counts. get her fixed and get back on the road!


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Very easy to replace the cover, Just make sure you do it on a rear stand. ( you wont loose any oil )

Sorry to hear about the cager. Glad YOU made out ok.


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The head mechanic at our local suzuki shop has a saying about hayabusa's. "One out of three come in for the first service needing, left side plastic - case cover - bar end - mirror and oil change"!

Sorry about your getoff. Glad it's minor!


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Glad you're OK... Like was said, the stator cover is easy to replace. You may consider a Woodcraft cover. Machined from billet, and has a replaceable puck.

woodcraft cover.jpg

woodcraft cover.jpg

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