BUSA wheelies

The easiest is to roll along in first or second gear at about 5500RPM, roll off the throttle and roll back on Hard. Do it fairly quickly and she will come up in a hurry. Be careful they are big bikes. You didn't hear it from me and I am not responsible for shattered dreams....
Just rolling the throttle on slowly and fully in first gear will bring it up fine once you get past 8-9k RPM. I spent 2 months doing this a little bit at a time just to be sure as not to add my name to the ohh s%*t group. I would suggest the slow approach with any bike. I would NOT recommend snapping it open or rolling off and on hard until you have tons of experience doing it the slow way. Besides, it's a lot easier on the drive train (chain, tranny, etc.) that way, if you care about those sorts of things. While I am NOT the wheelie king by any means I am also NOT the "skid on my ass and watch my bike bounce down the street master" either.

Be careful,
While I am NOT the wheelie king by any means I am also NOT the "skid on my ass and watch my bike bounce down the street master" either.

Really a front stand will do the trick...Have you ever had the front wheel off the ground on any other bike???
winding the stock busa up to 9000 in first to pull a wheelie means trying to do a 75 mph oopsie id drop one tooth in the front and open her up 3/4 at about 3500 in first and she will do the rest try not to let off too quick as she will drop like a stone this way youll be playing in the 45-50 mph range if you do think its too much too fast tap the rear break lightly and your back down now. just start slow, learn how she feels as she comes up (wind from passing trucks is bad mmmmk)and only practice on a closed course with professional instructors and as always proper saftey gear must be worn at all times to insure saftey ok im guilt free have fun and remember falling on black top at 50 mph fuggin hurts.
i know ive opened mine just about wide open in first and i can tell the wheel feels lite but doesnt "come up" but then again i lean forward and place more wait on the front..

the way i bring mine up is roll in first gear to about 2500 revs and snap it and wa la.. if it doesnt come up there increase where u snap it by 500 revs until it does...

no guilty concious here just want spare parts..lolol
Find a steep ditch. Get off bike. PUSH! This will also give you the bonus rear wheel in the air at the same time.

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Just funning with ya dude. But seriously I've found that just quickly twisting the wrist will bring her right up.
the front end will come off the ground under heavy accel and shifting.... I had a hard time on the highway yesterday keeping it down shifting from 2-3-4...