Busa shifting question


if u can get 0-60 mph in 2.3 seconds.....when do you shift?

i was just thinkin about it
and if u get on it from a stop and already have to shift in a lil over 2 seconds, thats pretty quick through a gear

so can anyone break it down to like what MPH they shift at through all the gears (or as many as u've gone through) at WOT?

thanx guys
I personally have gone 0-80 in 1st gear and 81 (or so) to 110 in second gear. I haven't had the opportunity to redline it through all the others YET.
Simple answer to that one. You don't shift. The hayabusa on standard gearing will run way past 60mph in 1st gear. I think its geared for 86 mph in first although I could be wrong (and I frequently am)...
I love it. I was talking to an 'old timer' a while back. He was saying how his old 80's 1100 could do over 65 in second gear. His jaw just dropped when I said I could do about 90 in first.

Bikes have come such a long way in the past years.