What RPM do shift at for everyday riding?


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I was just reading around a bit and started thinkin, what RPM does everyone (Gen1) tend to shift at for a normal ride? I don't mean twisties or highway, but through town just getting from here, to there. Where do you think is appropriate to shift up when your not in a hurry.
Another thread had a mention of having unburned fuel left in the cylinder from short shifting, and I'm not sure what RPM would be considered short shifting.
probably no more than 4k which is the main reason I sold the Aprilia I had ... annoying at city speeds having to ride about in 3rd gear all the time and very thirsty.
Busa will happy tootle about at 30mph in 6th straight from the factory.
2013 model with its new Brembo's and ABS really does complete what for me was the best road bike on the market.
I usually short shift around 2500-3500 RPM in town. Occasionally up to 4K. Don't even use 6th unless I'm on the freeway over 50 mph.

In the looser twisites I'll leave it in 4th or 3rd if I'm getting on it.


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I shift "by ear" (listening to engine) if that makes sense.......to match conditions and/or demands (never really bothered with rpms)


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Usually below 1500 in town. But there's times that I get above that. I've also been known to shift from 1st to 6th :laugh:
It all depends on how much room I have in front of me. I like to run through the gears 5 to 6 G and not use the clutch. These bikes have so much mid range torque you still flying compared to 99% of cages on the road. I am getting use to the power and find myself bumping the re limiter much to often these days. :laugh:

Its also a mood thing... if I feel like putting I try to keep it above 3k all the time just to keep things moving smoothly.

My favorite thing about these Busas is how well you can run the twisties while only turning 4 to 6K.

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