No shift action


Here is what happened. I threw a chain at low speed when shifting into second at low revs. The only thing broken that I could see was the cover that the shift shaft runs through. Once apart everything looked fine so I put it all back together with a new cover, roller bearing, and shift shaft seal. . The trans was in gear when I took it apart. Once I was able to determine where neutral was ( I assume it is the detent in the shift cam that is different and smaller than the rest ) I turned the shift cam to the neutral position which was only one click away. Now it won't shift into gear. It seems to be stuck in neutral. Shift lever travel is limited as compared to when it did shift. I didn't want to start the motor and experiment with this problem as it might compound the problem that I have yet to figure out.

Anything missing here that I need to know ?
Send "HeyKenny" a note. He can assemble those things in the dark. He'd be your best bet for an over the phone diagnosis!