Broken Under Cowling


Anybody else have one break yet?Went for a little 30 mile ride this morning and when i got back noticed the belly wing hanging on the left side(must've dragged it for a while considering how rashed up it got but never heard anything over the drone of the Short Meg:laugh:).Don't know if the cheesy little tab broke off on it's own(also missing a chunk out of the left side)or if i possibly could've hit something that i'm not aware of(freeway only) but Suzuki wants $208.33 for that piece of plastic.Don't know if it's worth getting a new one or better just leaving it off...never had this issue with my Gen I's :laugh:(better mounting system).



Definitely a possibility bro,that missing chunk is about right where my big azz heel would've/could've caught it(looked around the driveway and don't see it,but could've cracked it/broke the mounting tab off and maybe that chunk finally let go as i was dragging the belly wing up and down down the damned freeway:laugh:).Good thinkin' bro,that could be it.
That part that's scraped up is on the bottom no?
Just sand it and paint it. Fix that one if possible?
I took mine off because my exhaust wouldn't have enough clearance.

Bike looks different but I don't think it looks worse. I kind of like it off.

That panel gets rashed up even if you aren't dragging it. Sandblasted

more like.

Found another one from a friend so i don't have to rework this one(i could probably fix the mounting tab but would have to trim off the busted area and would show more of that ugly bracket).


Would probably just leave it off(did for a while)if i had a black exhaust(wouldn't mind having Brocks new Alien Head 2 in black if funds weren't so tight at the moment:laugh:).
Would look like this without it...

But yes you need an AlienHead for that. :)
If you've relocated the rectifier just remove it. Guys are doing that. I know on the brake side I'm always having to snap mine together. Usually oil changes.
If you've relocated the rectifier just remove it. Guys are doing that. I know on the brake side I'm always having to snap mine together. Usually oil changes.

I relocated the rectifier under the tail some time back and ran it without the belly wing for a bit,but didn't care for the look of the raw stainless where it joins up to the polished meg. so put it back on(still don't know how in the hell i broke it unless like bikerboy2182 said maybe i caught it with my heel or something).
Mine snapped a few years back. I was changing my oil, and had to put my bike in the garage quickly so a moving truck could get in. It got caught on the cement lip in the garage.

I still ride with it broken.
A good pothole or speed bump will taco them as well, ask me how I know...:banghead: (broke one on my gen 1 going over a speed bump too fast)
Thanks for the gracious offer brother and i sincerely appreciate the hell out of it,but another great board member(methyman)saw my plight and put his in the mail last Monday(should have it tomorrow).Gonna flat black it to match the frame,etc. and this time use 6mm bolts with locking nuts to attach it to the bracket,bastid won't come off again.:laugh:

Lots of great people on this board willing to look out for people.:thumbsup:

(and i wouldn't have accepted your's for free nor let you cover shipping neither bro,i know everybody's hurtin' right now...myself included:laugh:)