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I installed the brock's clutch mod on my 2005 Busa. I got it used in good shape, however there were no instructions. I was told by a lot of people (including the techs at the shop down the road) that lock-tite was not necessary on the spring towers as they enter the lock up delete piece, so I didn't. After about 3 weeks of riding some how the spring tower unscrewed itself and backed out completely. The basket and clutch plate were spinning at about 7000 rpm when I hear all hell break loose. I turn off the bike immediately to investigate the terrible sound coming from the clutch cover. As I remove it, oil as well as aluminum shavings pour out of the case. The spring broke, bent the heck out of the spring spacer, popped a hole into the pressure plate, and destroyed the clutch cover. It could have been a lot worse but now my bike is out of commission until I hunt down replacement parts. IMO lock-tite should be used on these parts. Here are some pictures that are upside down for some reason.

Before this happened however, the Brock's clutch mod+ spacers really helped my riding. AMAZING investment. Ill bet if I find the instructions it will probably say to use lock-tite. Learn from my mistake!!!:banghead:

photo 1.JPG

photo 2.JPG
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